Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Wolf who Cried Marketing

If you watch TV you have probably seen an Old Spice ad before.  As per the usual, Old Spice has obliterated the advertising world with their new campaign, "Answer the Smell of the Wild."  Wieden+Kennedy has changed the game with this campaign, launching two new scents from Old Spice, Wolfthorn and Hawkridge.  With a new commercial for each scent Old Spice uses the primal instinct lying deep within mankind to make us buy their scents, ensuring that we won't in-stink.  Terrible jokes aside this campaign has a rapidly rising new star.  Of course I'm talking about Mr. Wolfdog, their new Executive Director of marketing. In reality Mr. Wolfdog is a wolf sitting in an office chair cloaked in a puppet suit.  There is also a "translator," around his neck in order to communicate with humans.  Mr. Wolfdog claims to be a master of marketing and I couldn't agree more.  He is featured on twitter, @Mr_WolfDog, has his own Tumblr, and has a debut album entitled, "Night Business.” When the recipe calls for One part Jackie Moon, one part Don Draper, and one part wild animal it combines for a perfect spokes-wolf. Moreover, Mr. Wolfdog is used to emphasize the truly animalistic qualities of these new scents.   Cleverly using business antics to portray comedy and antiperspirants, Mr. WolfDog is here to stay. With the 18-35 market square between its sights Old Spice lands another classic campaign.  Not to mention that the overall campaign strategy was executed and tied together flawlessly.  Lastly, this campaign uses the messaging with brutal simplicity while wrapping the ads in a hilarious scenario.

Twitter: @Mr_WolfDog

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