Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cupid Kicks it up a Knotch

For those who don't know Zoosk is an online dating website, and I have been smitten by their new campaign "Heart Friend."  This is a campaign comprised of six ads uses down to Earth comedy, a best friend feel, and practically relays Zoosk's message.  Your heart wants what it wants, and in this case literally tells you.  Zoosk uses the Heart Friend to voice the inner desires of "Liz," a single gal trying to find her way in the dating world.  Personally, I love that the Heart Friend was cast as a male.  Not only does this add to the humor, but it also gives the ads a more natural feel.  In each add Heart Friend and Liz are discussing their ideal man.  It displays the functionality of the site through comedic banter; which is a nice change of pace from a spokesman, or couple just talking about another dating site.  Continually, this campaign masterfully targets the younger dating scene.  Bravo Zoosk, Bravo.

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