Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Into the Mystic

Where are my socks? I was wearing some, but they seem to have been knocked off. This next collection comes from a rising star in Kansas City. Mackenzie Becker's latest works have utterly inspired me with whimsy, vividness, and an overall scene of a living picture. Quite frankly, these pieces make my head explode.  The colors elegantly blend, swirl, and intertwine into pools of pure beauty.  The black ink in each piece is actually hundreds upon thousands of tiny black circles.  The artist says she finds making these circles very relaxing. The largest piece, "Into the Mystic," was named after the artist's favorite song by Van Morrison.  The fitting title speaks volumes about this work. When I tremble in front of this breathing, flowing, masterpiece I can't help but lose myself for a moment.  Mackenzie said, " The colors more signify my pattern of thought, and the loop is my focus in life."  Jittering with anticipation, I am awaiting Mackenzie Becker's next stroke of genius.

"Into the Mystic"

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